Vol 8, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents

Research Papers

Color and Shape Analysis for Image-based Detection and Characterization of Skin Lesion PDF
Marianne P. Ang, Vladimir Y. Mariano, Tita Lina O. Villanueva 3-7
Automated Heart Enlargement Detection Using Chest X-Ray Image Analysis PDF
Davood Pour Yousefian, Vladimir Y. Mariano 8-15
Green-Weak Color Blindness Correction PDF
Kimberly Mae P. Velasquez, Maria Art Antonette D. ClariƱo 16-22
Location-based Classroom Attendance Monitoring System PDF
Ian Dave C. Invierno, Rizza D.C. Mercado 23-28
A Web Application for Flood Simulation and Visualization in Laguna de Bay Using the D8 Algorithm PDF
Miyah D. Queliste, Jaime M. Samaniego 29-33
PHD: An Online Database Management and Classification System for Monitoring and Operational Evaluation of Philippines Hoya Species PDF
Marie Betel B. de Robles, Marie Yvette B. de Robles, Faith S. Maranan 34-40
Extracting Banana Farm Parameters from NIR Images PDF
Val Randolf M. Madrid, Vladimir Y. Mariano 41-45
Simulating the Effects of Various Road Infrastructure Improvements to Vehicular Traffic in a Busy Three-road Fork PDF
Marian G. Arada, Merly F. Tataro, Jaderick P. Pabico 46-54

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