Green-Weak Color Blindness Correction

Kimberly Mae P. Velasquez, Maria Art Antonette D. Clariño


Deuteranopia is a type of dichromatic color blindness where the individual has difficulty identifying the color ”green”. This study presents a pixelwise algorithm simulating this condition on an image to correct what deuteranopes see such as image detail and color dynamics. Matrix manipulation is done for conversion of RGB color space to LMS color space, and Deuteranopia color space. Correction is done by processing the converted RGB values to LMS color space counterpart and the analyzed correction matrix. Images from Ishihara Plates Test and an ordinary image, not related to color blindness test, were used as test data in the sample space. Three individuals identified with Deuteranopia served as test persons for the study. 93.33% is the average accuracy across the results produced by the test persons.

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