Webby – An Online Automatic Program Grader

Allan A. Sioson, Catherine V. Antonio, Sharlyn Mae A. Papica


Webby is an online automatic grading system developed using open source software development tools. Its front end is a web interface developed using PHP and deployed using Apache web daemon running on Linux. The system currently grades C++ programs using standard stream I/O. All submitted C++ programs are kept in a structured directory system while grade records are stored in an SQLite database. The system grades all student-submitted programs based on a teacher-defined assessment criteria. Each criterion is assigned a percentage weight. All weights add up to 100%. Each criterion is assigned a set of input files that would sufficiently check whether a student-submitted program meets the said criterion. Part of the system is a similarity measure of any pair of student-submitted programs. The similarity measure of two programs is computed based on two things: (1) length of the longest common subsequence of token stream generated from each of student-submitted programs and (2) an approximation of a teacher’s rating of how similar two sutudent-submitted programs are. The similarity measure provides an indicator of possible plagiarism or how much work is added to a student-submitted program given a teacher-prepared program template. In this paper, we discuss the design, implementation, use, and evaluation of a working prototype of Webby.

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