Vol 7, No 1 (2010)

Table of Contents


Preface to Vol.7(1) 2010 PDF
Aloysius Lopez Cartagenas 5-10


The Voice of Theology (A Word of Welcome) PDF
Leonardo Y Medroso 11-12
Religion and Politics: Revisiting an Old Problem in Light of Different Models of Thought PDF
Johan Verstraeten 13-36
The Political Context of the Infancy Narratives and the Apolitical Devotion to the Santo Niño PDF
Ramon D Echica 37-51
The Missing Ground in the Evangelization of Politics: Building Ideological Political Parties PDF
Dennis T Gonzalez 53-62
Crossing the Line: Church Use of Political Threats against Pro-RH Bill Legislators PDF
Eruc Marcelo Genilo 63-77
Bibo Ergo Sum: Theo-Social Reflections of the Taguibo Watershed Advocacy PDF
Randy JC Odichigue 79-91
Walking with Feet on the Muddy Earth PDF
Emmanuel Serafica de Guzman 93-98

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