Vol.4(1-2) 2007

Table of Contents


Disciplines, Interdisciplinarity and Theology PDF
Agnes M Brazal, Daniel Franklin Pilario 5-25
Narrating Christian Ethics from the Margins PDF
Rolando A Tuazon 27-60
Value-Driven: The Grounding of Morals in Evolutionary and Religious Narrations PDF
Jimmy A Belita 61-79
Systems, Habitus and Ethics PDF
Ferdinand D Dagmang 81-102
The Challenge of Interdisciplinarity to Catholic Social Teaching PDF
Aloysius L Cartagenas 103-131
Interdisciplinarity in the Current Search for the Historical Jesus PDF
Ramon D Echica 133-144
Interdisciplinarity in Theology from an Empirical-Theological Perspective PDF
Rico P Ponce 145-173
Lonergan on Interdisciplinarity in Theology PDF
Jesus 'Sonny' B Garcia, Jr 175-194
Cosmopolitanism, Globalization and Theological Education/Formation PDF
Dominador Bombongan, Jr. 195-220
Foucault PDF
Lope Florente A Lesigues 221-246

Hapag: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Theological Research ISSN: 1656-2739

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